The current surcharges to rates

ITLL (Increased Liability) is a surcharge to current rates for non-documentary items.
Intra-Ukrainian ITLLs of non-documentary delivery:
  • the cost of departure is up to 25 000 UAH. - 0.4%;
  • the cost of the shipment is over UAH 25,000.01. up to UAH 50,000 - 0.5%;
  • the maximum payout amount for ITLL is UAH 50,000.

International ITLL non-documentary delivery:

  • cost up to 5,000 euros - 0.4%;
  • the maximum amount paid by ITLL is 5,000 euros.
Fuel surcharge
Fuel prices fluctuate, which is why we use an indexed fuel surcharge when calculating the cost of our services.
The fuel surcharge is reviewed and set monthly, and comes into effect from the first day of each month.
We calculate the fuel surcharge based on the Brent Crude Oil Spot Price (London) published on the website two months in advance, as well as on the basis of the average monthly prices for gasoline and diesel fuel in Ukraine.
The amount and duration of the surcharge is determined by us based on the indicated prices.
This surcharge applies to the officially published tariffs for “TMM Express” services: Air Express, Road Express, Easy Express, Domestic Express.
From 01.01.18, the amount of the fuel surcharge for standard tariffs is:
  • 14.0% for Air Express;
  • 18.5% for Road Express;
  • 14.0% for Easy Express;
  • 13.0% for all domestic services - Domestic (DD, 9, 10, 12, 18D), Warehouse Express, pallet delivery, personaly delivery, delivery with an inventory.